5 Best Windows 8 Tips

5 Finest Windows 8 Tips

Windows 8 Tips

Are you searching for Windows 8 hacks?

Windows electricity uses have been digging them out because Microsoft introduced Windows 8’s customer preview while still new to the market we have found nuggets of advice you may like.


This guide will present our top five picks of the top tips, hacks and tricks for Windows 8.

In no Specific order:

1: Conserve a Screenshot

It’s now simpler than ever before to catch your display, Previously it was a lengthy process which requires one to utilize 3rd party program to paste the screenshot into, not anymore using Windows 8 it’s as easy as holding the windows key and the default button together to copy the display to a .jpeg from the “my image” folder

Anyone in their right mind wants to achieve more productivity is paramount skim no time through this listing That Could help you find your way:

* “Windows Key” in precisely the exact same time as “T” – Returns to Desktop and cycles through your open windows onto the taskbar.

2: Docks an program.

* “Windows Key” in precisely the exact same time as “Q” – booted up the Windows 8 search in Metro.


3: Customize

Your initial impression of Windows 8 might be that it might not be at all clear how in the world you can personalise much on your Windows 8 OS, the main reason behind this is that the menu you’re looking for is inexplicably concealed within the following menu, just bring up the Charm Bar by visiting the top right-side corner, then select preferences, and then you’ll notice the choice “PC preferences”, this is where Microsoft have saved the settings to alter colors, backgrounds, telling settings and lots of more.

We found some themes especially for Windows 8. Org, check out them.

4: Safe-Mode

I know what you are thinking, what makes safe-mode trick or a hinteveryone is aware of what safe-mode is, this really is accurate, by pressing f8 any more, however you cannot get!

You have to enable it ahead, we understand…

It’s pretty straight forward, hang no it Isn’t that simple,
Here goes


This may bring up several stats and facts up on the display, the component You’re interested in is your “Identifier String” out of “Windows 8 customer preview”

Now type in “bcedit /replicate PASTE-STRING-HERE /p “Windows Developer Preview (Safe Mode)”

Next enter “MSCONFIG” and browse to the boot, then secure boot and make all configurations permanent

After a reboot you will get an option. .

5: Create a Shutdown Tile

You may want one click if you would like to shut the pc in this scenario you do not wish to be searching around trying to find the shutdown button in the menus.
That can be achieveable, you navigate to style, produce a shortcurt.
From the place text box type in:

Then move this shortcut C:Menudirectory it shows up as a tile on your Metro UI.

Your personal computer will shutdown when you click on on this tile.

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